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BEYOND the role-playing game


Another tabletop role-playing game?  There are so many settings, so many rule-books, so many attempts to inject something fresh, fast, and playable into a hobby that has a three-headed dragon at its core.  One part game, one part shared story, and one part personal immersion -- the promise of the role-playing game has been thwarted by old paradigms and careless rules.  Whether you are an experienced gamer or just a little bit curious about these adventure games; whether you are part of the old-school revival, a rules-light gamer, or a fan of the modern mainstream games;  whether you engage with the story or need tight rules and tactics; whatever your preferred setting and style... we have the game for you!  

Built from the ground up this revolutionary new system is the result of many years of study and refinement.  It is fast.  It is flexible.  It breaks the mould of other games and allows you to experience chases, exploration, action, adventure, and mayhem, letting you re-create the wonder you felt when you first lured to the spinning of a tale and enchanted by the clatter of dice.  Join us on a journey BEYOND THE ROLEPLAYING GAME.

The most breathlessly fast and fun tabletop game I have ever played.

Rob Collins


I can't believe that it took forty years for someone to figure out how to do a role-playing game without rounds and turns.  The hobby will never be the same again.

Karl Boelling

Mach One Rule System
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