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It is going to be a busy couple of years at Mach One Games.  The system and settings have been coming together nicely and we are starting to embark on the next set of testing with the updated ruleset.  YouTube Videos are being produced and edited.   Once we have enough interest on the site, and subscribers on YouTube and Facebook, we will launch our first kickstarter for the core system.


Kickstarter Core


The first big milestone will be the launch of our kickstarter.  When this launches it means that we have reached our subscriber goal on the website, FaceBook, and YouTube; that we have completed the final rounds of testing with the new rules.  It also means that we will have our artists lined up and ready to go.


Hiring Artists


Based on the success of the Kickstarter, we'll know what we have in the art budget for design, layout, and commissions.  This may also be accompanied by an update to the website.  I mean, it is relatively pretty for something I did myself, and the artwork from Dragos Stanculescu is beautiful.  I don't know if he'll have the time for any commissions with his other projects, but I'd sure love to get some more pieces for old-time's sake.


Looking to partner with content creators


Ideally, I'd like to see a thriving community of 3rd party developers, writing and selling content for Beyond: the Role-playing Game.  I don't believe in the idea of "official" content.  If we have learned anything in the last ten years, it is that the independent publishers can turn out far better products and more original material than the big gaming companies.   I want to develop a system where we can partner with all of the content creators to promote their material.
I'd also like to find some licensing deals... how cool would it be to have good fantasy worlds translated into role-playing games.  Imagine how fun it would be to be a "gentlemen bastard," from one of Scott Lynch's novels, where you could actually run action sequences, chases, sneaks, capers, and miscellaneous shenanigans.  Or, how about a magic system from Brandon Sanderson, a master of rules-based magic -- I mean the system just writes itself!



Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds Integration

Virtual gaming is important, not just because it brings people together, but also because it will be a valuable tool to spread a new way of playing RPG's.  


Customizable Print-On-Demand

My final audacious idea is to have an online rules and sourcebook configurator.  Users log in and can customize their own rulebook, sourcebook, or a combination.  They can add content created by us, content they edit themselves, or content created by other users (both commerical and personal).  Commerical artists and writers get paid when their content is used, but everyone gets credited when their work appears in a book.  The configurator stitches together all of the artwork, rules, and settings material so that they end up with a rule-book for their own campaign.   Using print-on-demand technology their players get the custom rule-book in the mail.  

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