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System and Setting

The choice of setting is subjective, so we have separated our material into three additional source-books, with more planned.  The rule-book presents a small slice of that material, common to all three settings.  Each module introduces new options of play as it slightly overlaps the geographic and cultural region presented elsewhere.  Play one of the core options right out of the box, mix-and-match the rule and story elements, or take those ideas that you have never quite been able to work into a game system and let fly!  Our setting is small and localized so it can easily be incorporated into your larger world.  These settings are detailed, giving plenty of material and hooks for adventure.  They are ambiguous so that they can be re-interpreted through many lenses.  Ultimately, they are subsumable, meant to germinate the imagination of your group and then fade away into the stories about your places, your people, and your worlds. 

Beyond the War


Beyond the War souce-book represents a dark medieval setting.  At the edge of human civilization, the nations of Dambria and Vahanner have reached a furtive peace after 17 years of war.  Many on both sides continue to fan the flames of war, use treachery, manipulation, and outright hostility to break the fragile peace.  Some want peace.  Some want war.  Some seek to broker alliances with kingdoms that they have been isolated from.  This forms the backdrop for your story, a story that might have a lot or very little to do with those events.  Mercenaries or explorers, thieves or merchants, soldiers or scholars, your characters can explore this dark, gritty, and realistic world or simply try to avoid being crushed by the power-struggles of the desperate and devious. 

Beyond the Valley of Man

The Taff and the Tamm are the two rivers that bound the mountain kingdoms of Milesia, and the home of all men.  To the Milesian world, the Taff ends with a crash as it spills into Beaumare Lake whilst the Tamm spins off in a thousand tributaries in the eastern marshes and fens of Woadwood and the lower arm of Vahanner.  To those who ponder, these mighty rivers that begin high up in the Iron Mountains to the south, cascade northwards through the Milesian world, must eventually spill into to some sea or ocean for which their people have no name.  It is said that mankind once lived beyond the rivers of the Taff and Tamm; if that was once true, it is not so any more. The wildlands are home to beasts of unimaginable terror: dragons, troglodytes, trolls, wolves, and bears.  It is not a place where men can go.  
Something has drawn your characters to step beyond sanity and to wind their way from the safety of their isolated mountain kingdoms and venture into a world long lost to them.  This setting not only introduces threats, creatures, and magic in the lands beyond the Milesian plateau, it also introduces characters and sources of magic hidden within the Milesian lands, magic that may be essential to their survival.  This setting introduces the players to the first of three playable magic systems, and hints at secret organizations and old mysteries that may have much to do with the war.

Beyond the Mysts

Legends tell of a world beyond the Mysts; a world of elven magics, powerful sorcerers, and dangerous relics.  When the barriers between worlds become thin, the world of man is imperilled.  Introducing two more entire systems of magic and a myriad of fantastic creatures, weapons, and places, this module gives us Epic Fantasy of the highest sort.  Your heroes will rise to confront these incredible challenges.

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