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Not to Scale

If you guys have ever wondered why rooms, corridors, and terrain feel too crowded... you can watch this rather lengthy video on how each version of DnD miscalculated scale. It's a rather lengthy dissertation into scale in Dungeons and Dragons. It traces why we have lost space on the battlefield. In early editions, with 25mm miniatures and a hex grid, they downscaled the 1-inch grid to represent 3.5ft. In 3rd Edition, they made things smaller by moving to a 5ft grid, prevented two people from occupying the same space (which they could do in 1st Edition -- and there was no notion of "a space" in Chainmail), and miniature sizes increased to 32mm. Effectively they cut the space on the table by three to four times. Other RPG's followed the standards set by the leader and we have very crowded tables and very static action sequences.

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