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Structure of Spell Descriptions

To someone not familiar with the mechanisms that are being described what is your impression of this format for a spellcaster's spell? Does it strike the right balance of information for the gamer and context for the narrative player? Is it too complicated with various numbers of weapons?

A spellcaster in this sense is anything that you would normally think of when discussing Bard, Cleric, Wizard, Witch, Druid, or Ranger. They are all spellcasters with proficiency in different tools (Spell focus). I want it to seem very familiar for a DnD player to look at it and not immediately feel like this is something entirely new and complicated.

Channelers and mystics use magic very differently, and I expect that their type of magic and ability descriptions will be a little bit confusing to the DnD crowd at first -- although people who've played other games might find them comfortable enough.

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